The Bottom Line: George Floyd Protests

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George Floyd Protests

You know your randy writer is upset when there are no pics of attractive women or music videos. Your opinionated penman lives in California. Now even some of the locals are protesting over the death of George Floyd. Others are posting on social media in support of it.  (This is about the protesters themselves and not Floyd.)

George or Pink?

First of all, from the looks of some of them they don’t know the difference between “George” and “Pink”. Snarky observations aside though, let’s be real here. There has not been a worthwhile protest anywhere in this country for decades. They don’t make men like Martin Luther King Jr. anymore. Yeah, you mock “boomers” but we knew how to do things.

Beat And Taser Them

Wouldn’t it be nice if before anyone attended a protest they had to pass an actual test? In this case, ask them if they know the name of the man already charged and what the charges were. Ask them if they know that an initial report indicated that Floyd refused to get into the car. If you cannot pass the test you must voluntarily go home or you get tasered and beaten by drunken National Guard members of diverse races and religions.

Grandma Killers

Ok, this time no snarky remarks. What happened to the concern about protesters not social distancing or (properly) wearing masks? Why aren’t these people not being called “Grandma Killers”?

Specifically, I live in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Here, even the Black people are White. Many are whiter than yours truly.  Yet somehow we have a group of protesters shutting down one of our freeways as this goes to press.  It could be blamed on an extreme and blindly loyal sense of liberalism but that one would be too easy.

To be fair, they have yet to start looting but, hey, if you insist on being a mindless joiner based why not go all the way and loot the local Bath & Body Works? Someone needs to tell them to walk towards Los Angeles and when it gets really difficult to play “Spot The White Man” then they can stop and start some real sh*t there. Seriously, if you want to behave like an animal why not imitate something more exciting than a sheep?

Did we not learn anything from the L.A. Riots? Oh, wait, no! Perhaps most of these hypocritical protesters were told they were “special” and given trophies for doing nothing.  No man is above the law but we are all innocent until proven guilty in a court of law not on social media.  So go home and at least wait for a verdict.

5/30/20 UPDATE: Already I have received a negative comment from someone who missed the point.  This piece is focused on the protesters where I live and little else.  If you’re triggered, please re-read it before wasting our time with negative comments.  Unlike some people out there, I will not otherwise comment until after the verdict is in, OK?   

My name is Phoenix and . . . that’s the bottom line.