Bullies VS. Beliefs


Please take note before you reads this, if you are easily offended I may upset you.  I produce webisodes 5 days a  week that do nothing but speak the truth as seen through my own eyes.  Folks that makes it opinion.  I will never apologize for my beliefs, but I will never bully someone over them either.


 You know what really grinds my gears? I will tell you, I hate the people that have beliefs yet are hypocrites without even knowing that they are. You know the one I am talking about, I can see it written on your face like the glow of a virgin bride after her first time in the bedroom with her new husband. So, if it pleases you come on over and take a seat and I will tell you about the thoughts I have had over the last couple hours. It is not good, but like always I have the homemade Irish mead that I keep for our times together, and I will tell you the tragic tale of the men that were once noble, but were in haste to defend their beliefs at any cost. In the end I will let the judgement up to you, I am too old to do that anymore.

 This piece is inspired by a friend of mine who is currently going through personal issues over the choices she has made, the problem that I have with it is even though her choices are not ones I would make, I do not stand for injustice, I feel that everyone deserves respect no matter what the situation may be.

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 Beliefs VS Bullies

 This is a touchy subject so I think that I will start by saying a couple things, this is to allow you to know a bit more on my stance on this. The trouble is there are so many things that are out there now it is harder to tell where to begin and where to end some days, but let me ask you just one favor. I know that at some point I will most likely upset you, and that is alright. Not that I have upset you, but that you are upset. The reason I say that is the fact that you can be upset and still listen shows me that I made the right choice in telling you the things that I do. You see there are people in this world who you will tell you their beliefs too, sadly though if they don’t see those things in the same way they will close their minds and that is all there is. You can never come to an agreement, and no matter how flexible you and I may be they are not likely to budge.

 I digress, as I was going to tell you how I felt about some things in this life. Most of them are not new, they are just becoming more mainstream.  Yes even here in my small area of the world. No, it will be OK casinoluck.ca, haven’t you learned by now that I am a man of faith, there is nothing in this life that can not be changed and the day that you think you found something that can’t,  I would be grateful if you would make haste to me, only don’t be surprised if I can show you that in a different light anything can seem different. On that, let me tell you about my thoughts on the church vs lifestyle choices, you see that is what brought us here today, so it is only fitting to dive right into the meat and potatoes of it.


The Holy Three VS Sodom & Gomorrah

 I know that the title is something out of an HP Lovecraft title, and in a way that is not so far from the truth. You see, I can tell you that I personally am a man that believes that men and women are meant to be together and it was supposed to be Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Whoa, don’t take up your guns yet partner, you need to hear me out before you pass judgment, whether you know it or not, I didn’t judge anyone yet. In fact, I will tell you a little secret, and although you most likely already know it, I think it would be well said here and now.

 Those same people that I don’t approve of the choices that they make in their bedrooms? Guess what they are still humans, and if you have gotten nothing from me up till now, I want you to keep this forever in your mind. My beliefs have nothing with how I will treat a person. You see there are all sorts of reasons that I could I suppose, but it seems that every time that I have ever went over them, they are as false as this here old leg that clicks through the room every time you have stopped by. No, I can’t ever justify being mean to a fellow human being, so long as they have never given me a personal reason, but I think that even then I would help them rather than do anything that doesn’t lift someone up.

 I am not sure you are aware of this, in fact I only really looked hard enough to see it myself here recently. This isn’t anything new now, not the life choices of others. No, I will go so far as to say it has been happening for thousands of years now. I know that I say it quite a bit, but you have to sit really still sometimes to see this. People have the ability to be both good and bad, it is the way that we have evolved. In fact, and yes, I am spiritual, I could not find one reference in that whole blasted bible where the main character told anyone to judge another. I know, if you think I missed the mark, but I am telling you now, there is not one reference anywhere in the bible that says about, unless that is about NOT doing it.

 Yeah, I was a bit shocked, in truth though it makes sense the more that I think of it. I am not sure about you, but I am old enough to know that I don’t want in that battle. I figure that I have not talked this much of helping others to all of the sudden find a whole chapter dedicated to judgment, at least not that I should. But unfortunately, it seems that is just the state of the world today. It goes for anything really. In this day and age, most people forgot that they too have reasons that others can harass them. Everything from the glasses that you may wear to the fact that you still play with dolls. Now I also know that there will be no ill will from me if I offend you as I proceed on.

 No battle will one endure as that such as the Holy War. I am not even going to say that these were the worst battles to ever be waged across the world, and that is with good reason. That reason is that they weren’t, and no amount of deception or false information will change that fact. Out of almost 1800 wars, scholars for the most part agree that there were less than 130 times they were fought over beliefs. While it is fun watching very misinformed people go through life saying much other, well, wrong things. The truth is that there were not as many that were fought for religion as one would think. In fact, even in today’s world it seems that some of the wars, or as most call them Social Injustices, have become a much deadlier warzone, with the casualties on the rise even now as you are reading this.

Every coin is Two Sided

 Now that also brings me to the other side of this equation, the oppressed that are being bullied. Anyone who knows me knows that I can never tolerate a bully, be it from my past and getting bullied or the fact that knowing now that it is easy to be a bully and never know it. Either way, I am no friend to people who would pick on the defenseless in this life. Personally, I would like nothing better than to see this come to an end in the world. There is no reason to bully someone, harass someone, or in general do anything that would or could bring discomfort or misfortune to another person. The other reason that I hate them is that on the inside of every bully there lays a child that never learned to deal with something.

 You see I can’t always blame one side for the injustices that we have come to see in this day and age.  In today’s world you will find that there are many injustices that are perceived and not really injustice at all but rather just the inability to see another side of the same situation. If there are any times that we need to put aside the differences then it would be now, though in order to take a solid take on this I have to point our that the side that has had to endure hate crimes and injustices over their choices are also guilty of the same type of bullying that comes from the other end of the spectrum.

 I have had the opportunity to be involved with many projects over my lifetime, a number of my friends have a different sexual preferences and some to which have and always will make me cringe, but that has never stopped our friendships, this is because in the end, they told me about it and we talked briefly but then was not a time where they needed any type of self-justification in order to feel better about their choices.

 In fact, there are things that make others think twice about me as well. I would be a fool to say otherwise. I know that my choices that have led me to be an asexual are not a popular choice in the world either, and whether you would believe this, we as a faction have it worse than most. Or maybe better depending on if you think it is ok to not only be shunned by one side, but both.

 The point I have been trying to get to for the last two hours here has been that it is never a good thing to bully someone, and there are many ways to be a bully that do not include violence. Also, though you can’t ask for the ability to follow your choices and then need to have everyone actually say that they accept it in order for you to sleep well at night. You see this is why I chose to write on this, there are times when someone has to stand up and say look, enough is enough. God would have never kicked someone out of the church for being gay, and on the same note if you are oriented in a different way you should respect someone’s beliefs as well.

 In the end it falls to EVERYONE to be better, not one or the other but both. I think of the case of the baker who refused to bake the cake. I feel that was his choice, not because of the issue it was over, but rather that as a business owner, I feel that I always have the right to refuse service to someone. Now, that may make someone mad, and in the end, I would have to say “Suck it up” because the truth is, it is no different than the girl who joined the boy scouts, what part of the name did the idiot that allowed it miss.

 I don’t think that children should be exposed to hate, but even the Mormon church will tell you that children are at the age to make a decision at 8 years old. Not that you shouldn’t tell your children about different choices but rather they are not considered to be at the age of consent so they should not be confused about it before they can choose. So, there is no problem with a gender-neutral school, but not if the goal is to teach them the very things that they are trying to avoid.

 You see this is where my sympathy begins to turn into a bit less of that and begins to make me realize that I still have work to go on my anger. To be truthful my issue lays with the hypocrites that are in the world today, and it can be anything from the church that kicks members out for smoking to the vegans that sneak beef jerky in during summer break.

 There is the problem that we have to overcome in a nutshell, not that we need to change our beliefs in fact the opposite is true we should always stand for what we believe in, but there is a limit to the things that you can say to another person and it still being a belief rather than being a bully. I challenge you to do something, when you see that you are getting to a point where communication is becoming hard, I want you to step back and wait.

 That is the challenge. I challenge you to step back and just be silent, to stop talking and even listening if that is what it takes, also tell the other person to give you a moment. Now, in the time it took you to step back you have accomplished two things. First, you have made the decision to not end the conversation, and two, you decided that you are at least willing to breathe.

 You see those are the two steps that everyone needs to take in those situations, because when you do that the last step is so much easier. When you are to the point that you have stopped and are looking at things more clearly, it is at that time that you need to think:  Is this a battle or is it a conversation. There are more important things in life in comparison to what another person is doing in their beds or life.

 The same holds true for those that are on the opposite side of this discussion. There is no need to bring it up daily to people. Your friends are the ones that have to deal with the situations, and in the end that is all that matters, but I cam say that I distance myself from the ones that tell me on an almost daily basis about their sex life, but to be fair I do that to anyone no matter their bed preferences.

 People that is the fight that we are up against, not the division caused by differences in opinions, or life choices, but rather we are against the egos of the very people that we say are unified in their beliefs. And this goes for all of them. Here is my list of the groups that I think exemplify bad choices in the way that they present themselves.

· Christians – Your choices are well founded and I will not fault them, but in order to preach forgiveness then it would stand to reason that you would also have to practice it as well.  Seriously, get off your high horse and start realizing that people are just that, people. We are all fundamentally flawed.  Heck your religion wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for that fact alone, and if Jesus could make killers and thieves apostles why is it so hard to look past the differences to find the unity.

· LGBT – You have gotten almost everything that you have asked for with a few exceptions. I feel bad for you if do indeed need the justification of your choice, but you also need to know that even if someone doesn’t speak against you and believe it is wrong, they will eventually get upset if it is thrown in their faces too much.

· Black Lives Matter – NO ALL LIVES MATTER, I am tired of hearing the BS about slaves, because seriously you never picked no damn cotton, and in truth if you want to be mad, get pissed at the black African slave traders they sent you here.

· Liberal Socialists – Get over it, you need a damn job, and the day that you get paid for sitting on your self-entitled ass I will never work again, close all my businesses and move to Mexico, hell I will help THEM build a wall so you can’t spill over there.

· Republicans – Look your ideas may be solid and the plan is good, but really? You guys act like kids trying to scold a KID.

· EVERYONE – Find some common ground otherwise there is going to be a civil war, and unlike the last time that happened the past should be a great reminder of how much we enjoy destruction. I suggest that we all get together here at least once a week, we can sit and enjoy the mead as well as the company.

Well guys it seems that I have been here until the wee hours so allow me to leave you with this. This fundraiser that I have at the top is from a friend of mine. I think that they don’t deserve to be bullied, and if you have stopped here, I would think that you feel similar. So, tell your friends and share it, and most importantly remember that the smile that we help to build today is capable of great things for the future.

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